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Spiritual Guidance For Those Who Are Searching For Growth
And Answers

The content of this book comprises of 16 questions that many have and do continually ask.


I have tried to answer these questions to the best of my ability.  This is what I believe the answers to be.


We question a lot, especially when life seems too hard to cope with.  The word we often use is WHY.  When we have an understanding as to WHY situations happen it becomes easier to cope with and to accept.  It is when we don’t understand, WHY is the first question we ask.


We can then become bewildered and angry as we get confused with life.  So I have endeavoured to try and explain why we go through trials and tribulations in life.


I hope this e-book helps you to understand your life and the choices you have made.  To give you insight, strength and upliftment to carry you through your souls pathway. 



1. Why do children have to die?

2. Why do some people not communicate through mediums after they have passed?

4. What are the repercussions from mistakes made in my life?

5. Is there free will if everything is planned?

6. What happens after physical death?

7. Psychic abilities.

8. What happens to animals when they die?

9. How will I know which partner to choose if I have had more than one?

10. Why does a higher energy allow so much suffering in the world?

11. Why do some people have harder lives than others do?

12. Why can I not remember past lives?

13. Will I meet all my loved ones in the spirit world?

14. What is quality of life?

15. Guides, Spirit Helpers, Guardian Angels – what is the difference?

16. Seven Planes – Astral, Mental, Causal.


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Excerpt from "Why? Spiritual Guidance For Those Who Are Searching For Growth And Answers", by Sue Johnson-Hewitt.


"At the end of the day there is always personal responsibility.  We are never given too much that we cannot bear; we are all going through experiences to learn and grow.  Nobody else can take on individual lessons needed. 


We can be supportive, caring and compassionate but we cannot do the lessons for other people.  How many times have we commented, “They are lovely people, how come they always seem to have such bad luck?” 


These lovely people are also evolved souls."...


Download your e-book in Sue's Shop >

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