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Working With Spirit



Working with Spirit brings many different scenarios. Our work is to help and support anyone who may be feeling the influences of Spirit but not sure how they should deal with this.


As a group we have many years of experience in offering comfort to families who have lost loved ones, to reconnect them to the energy of the soul who has passed to Spirit. This journey for them can have a profound and comforting outcome.


With our joint years of service to Spirit we have been guided to assist in the “sending to the light” of a soul which may have remained on the earth plane through either fear, sadness or for the pure fact that their soul was unsure of what laid ahead for them.

We have had many wonderful experiences of assisting an earthbound soul to experience the joy of reuniting with their loved ones in spirit who have been eagerly waiting to hold their hand and take them into the light. This experience is proof to us that life is eternal just in a different dimension or frequency.


Sometimes an earthbound soul is frightened or wary of the reception they may receive, This can be due to an act they carried out on the earth plane or the fear of meeting their perpetrator. We would assist in this instance and although an earthbound soul may need to reflect on events on earth, we understand through our guides and spiritual teachers that trial and retribution is not something to fear, to reflect on. In life and in death we believe that the soul is here to learn so this learning will continue when the soul has transitioned to the light.

There may be times when a disruptive soul is earthbound and this could cause the residents of a home, office, church or school etc to be disturbed or even distressed by this energy. We pride ourselves on being able to assist with this and offer our advice and assistance to help this troubled soul pass to the light to continue their journey in learning.

Let us help you to either understand how we live alongside our dearly departed loved ones or help you to bring calm to your home if you are being troubled in any way by an earthbound soul.

If you need our help please contact sue on

Fee - £50 (distance session, flat rate).

Our group are: Sue Johnson-Hewitt, Ally Burton, James & Gill Oldfield.

Offering Our Services Worldwide



With enquires coming in from various locations, both on the south coast and further afield in London, New York and the Caribbean, Mentors to Spirit were wondering how we would be able to facilitate helping these earthbound souls.

After consulting with our Spirit Guides, we were guided to see if we could create enough energy to make contact with the earthbound souls via a video call. We tested this process with the aid of both WhatsApp and Skype, and to our utter delight we were able to make the connection and assist many earthbound souls reunite with their loved ones on the principles carried out as with our in situ rescues.

As a team we are delighted to now be able to offer our services to all corners of the world to continue with our passion in helping and mentoring earthbound souls go home to the light where they can continue to grow and meet their families and friends who have passed over.

Being able to offer our assistance worldwide means that we can broaden our capacity in assisting anyone who feels there is an energy within their home, workplace etc. Although we were dubious as to the effectiveness of us remotely connecting with these souls the feedback we have received has confirmed that the process works equally as well as physically being in the building.


This has enabled Mentors to Spirit to be able to assist many more souls as our time can be spent working with them as opposed to travelling. Sometimes it may be necessary for us to physically attend the property, but we would of course check this out prior to any work taking place. A reasonable fee would be charged for travel time and expenses should this been deemed necessary.

Fee - £50 (distance session, flat rate).

Our Team

Susan Johnson-Hewitt

I qualified as a teacher in spiritual philosophy nearly 23 years ago. This has helped me to mentor many people on their pathway either on a one to one basis or by attending my courses, talks or workshops I run throughout the year.


I run a group called Dorset Spiritual Holistic Group community of which I host a free monthly event with speakers on all varied holistic and spiritual subjects. This is to share information out to all and to give an awareness of what talents are available. I also run 3 circles helping people to develop their own mediumship skills. I am in a circle myself for my continuous development in mediumship which I feel is on-going. I am also in a group that are channelling information from spirit for a book we hope to publish in the near future. 


The one passion I do have is also helping people who after passing over have not gone into the light. To be able to help and guide them into the light is a great privilege.  So Mentors To Spirit has been formed. I am very proud to be part of this group and serving spirit in the best way I can.

James Oldfield

As a natural sceptic, I am always looking for the truth in whatever way, both in my physical and my spiritual life. I will always look for answers in the physical before accepting that there is a supernatural occurrence that has happened. So, after I have experienced things that were totally beyond all of my understanding of this physical world, I needed to find an understanding, a truth, of what happened to me, so I started to look at mediumship to see if I could get some answers.


I have been studying mediumship for over 15 years; looking at my own truth and unfoldment; also helping others in their own development / unfoldment. I am continuously developing my practices, sitting in circles at the same time running my own teaching/developmental circle.

Being a part of Mentors to Spirit gives me the opportunity to go to people’s homes and work places, working with Spirit, guiding them through a thought process and allowing them to move on to where they need to be, the best place for them. In life we have choices, as at the same time, having choices in physical death. Bringing the balance back to lives and homes.

Ally Burton

Having seen Spirit as a young child, I developed my gift of communicating with souls who have passed to the light over many years of sitting in circle regularly for the past 30 years. I have been blessed to have worked alongside many talented and gifted mediums and have studied spiritual philosophy over the years by attending workshops, seminars and

development circles.


My trust in Spirit has grown over the years and to be able to assist a grieving loved one to prove life after death is my passion. Having met Sue, James and Gill and being given the opportunity to work with them to guide earthbound souls to the light is, I now realise what Spirit have planned for me to continue my journey in serving Spirit.


For me platform work was not something I wanted to do and I struggled for many years with my “vocation” in working with Spirit. Mentors to Spirit has given me the opportunity to help in a way I had never imagined and for that I am truly grateful.

Gill Oldfield

My spiritual journey started many years ago with philosophy and reading rather that the practical side of mediumship. I have always had a very intuitive and spiritual nature. My work, supporting children with experiences with trauma, has meant that I have empathy, understanding and emotional connection.

This has made my transition to practising mediumship over the last 4 years easier for me. I sit in spiritual circles and am a Committee member of our local Spiritual Church. As part of Mentors to Spirit, I am always amazed at the ability and power of spirit and the support we can give them to help them pass over to peace.

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