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Spiritual Empowerment workshops


I was running a 5 day spiritual empowerment course over 2 separate weeks but I know this is difficult to get a week off work. So I am now running them one day a month.

People can come to different days as they wish.

The dates are :-


There are 13 soul powers that you have within that you can activate. I base the wisdom of spiritual knowledge on these soul powers by telling stories and interaction within the group. There are fun and self development exercises and meditations. I have a different speaker each afternoon teaching different subjects. The price for each workshop is only £40 10-4pm in Southbourne, Bournemouth.


Are you coping with the challenges we are all facing?

Sue will help to enhance you spiritually, mentally and physically creating deep inner healing.  


Are you looking to create changes in the way you think and act to bring more fulfilment and balance into your life?  

Spiritual philosophy can help you resolve so many negative aspects of your life. It is a non-judgemental philosophy as none of us are perfect. Hence why we are here on earth to learn! We are all in the same boat - learning, growing and trying to live our life in the best way.


This course will be based on 13 Soul Powers which will be covered over two 5-day courses. By connecting to each of your Soul Powers, this will enhance your life by asking and expecting abundance in all areas of your life. The Soul Powers are energy points within the body that, when activated, can help your soul move forward.


This time will create a space for you to be honest and share difficulties and allow a different way of seeing life in general to help you on your soul’s journey. This will enable open discussion on all subjects. There will be fun exercises as well as guided meditations.


On each workshop guest speakers will be teaching in the afternoons. Topics will include:

  • palmistry

  • crystals (including doing a crystal facial on each other)

  • mediumship

  • past lives

  • Gong bath

  • Law of Attraction

  • The violet flame

  • how to see auras

  • encaustic art

  • Emotion and Body Code and how to use this in your daily life



Payment can be made through paypal or on line banking. £20 deposit is needed to secure a place.

What's included:

Tea break refreshments will be provided.

Workshop times.


Group size:


A small group of up to 8 people. This time will forge strong friendships and give you an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. 



The Papillion, Stamford Road, Southbourne, Dorset. 



Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a binder with separate plastic covers for course content.

Please bring a packed lunch.


Speakers are subject to change. 

Students need to be dog friendly. 

If you have any questions or wish to book, please contact Sue on

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"The knowledge that Sue shared with us and her great way of helping us to relax and enjoy the evenings were just fantastic."

I attended a 12 week course on spiritual and physic development, which was just so informative and fun, the knowledge that Sue shared with us and her great way of helping us to relax and enjoy the evenings were just fantastic. What I gained ... not only a wonderful greater understanding of many many spiritual and physic abilities which greatly improved my limited knowledge, but also the wonderful people I met on this course, so many people with so many different spiritual and physic outlooks that we all shared and carry on sharing as a group, Sue is without a doubt a knowledgeable lady who knows how to share her knowledge and wants to develop everyone who is interested in doing so.



Write a testimonial, ask a question or leave a comment >

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