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Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Have more clarity in your daily life.

I provide spiritual guidance sessions, my aim is help you to see your problems in a different way. 


We are often so bogged down with guilt, expectations, hurt, fear, and anger that this blocks us from seeing things clearly.


This is where I come in.  I will assess the situation, talk through the problems with you.  Establish what is Karma and what isn’t. What would be the best way to handle situations that may be problematic in your life at this time.  To help you have clarity in your daily life.


Spiritual philosophy can help you release so many negative aspects of your life.  It is a non- judgemental philosophy as none of us are perfect.  Hence, why we are here on earth to learn.  We are all in the same boat learning, growing and trying our best to live our life in the best way.


I can see you on a one to one either at my home or on Skype.


Cost is £35 per session.


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"There was no judgement, just understanding"

"When someone recommended that I see Sue, as a spiritual advisor and mentor I did have my doubts.  I had counselling in the past and found this did not work for me but I was pleasantly surprised how different it was with Sue.  Her beliefs and way of thinking is so different to any other type of mentoring I have come across.


There was no judgement, just understanding, Sue helped me to accept personal responsibility in a gentle way.  I feel so much more settled and content now.  I deal with problems in a total different way to which I had done previously.  I have to say this has helped me so much in my daily life.


Thank you Sue for your time and patience."



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