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Further Advancement in Compassion and Empathy

Life is all about learning, growing and advancing.  Your soul wants and needs this.  The only way this can be done is by going through different experiences.


Some of these experiences maybe harder than others.  From these times hopefully you will learn compassion and empathy towards others.  Until we have gone through life’s ups and downs how can we empathise with others unless we have been there and done it ourselves.  That we can truly say from our heart “I understand”.


Karma does come into play.  We may sometimes be clearing Karma from past lives or earlier actions in this life.  You will be strong enough in this life even though you may not feel so.  You will have the inner wisdom and strength to cope.  The more advanced spiritually you are the more you will want to clear as much Karma as you can.  To learn and to grow.  In doing so, you will gain the biggest gift of all.  To be able to love unconditionally. This is our goal. To see beyond the face we show to the world.  To see the bigger picture with each and every one of us.


We use the word FACE in many contexts:


  • we are told to face up to life

  • to save face

  • we may have egg on our face

  • to look someone in the face

  • we can be two faced

  • face the consequences

  • cut off our nose to spite our face

  • we put on a brave face


This is to just name a few examples.


F.A.C.E. was given to me by my guide Running Boar.  This is my belief and knowing why we are here on Earth. To help us to learn and understand compassion and empathy.  To eventually have unconditional love for everyone.  It may seem a tall order but this is our goal.


This is why I would like to give guidance, to mentor from a spiritual point of view.  My aim is to help you to approach situations or problems in a different way. To help change the way we see things.  It is amazing that by having a different view point to life, how much easier it is to cope through troubled times.  When we have an understanding as to why things happen we are able to have more clarity.  To see the situation as it really is.


If you would like to know more or to ask any questions please contact me on 01202 421100 or email

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