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Spiritual Empowerment Workshops 
Thursday 29th Sept 2022  SEE INFO BELOW
Thursday 27th Oct 2022 Guest speaker Helen Harris - Past life regression.
Thursday 24th Nov Guest speaker - Donna Maxine - Teaching the basics of palmistry
Weds 7th Dec 2022  Guest speaker - Janet Emilymae - Demo of mediumship

I was running a 5 day spiritual empowerment course over 2 separate weeks but I know this is difficult to get a week off work. So I am now running them one day a month.

People can come to different days as they wish. There are 13 soul powers that you have within that you can activate. I base the wisdom of spiritual knowledge on these soul powers by telling stories and interaction within the group. There are fun and self development exercises and meditations. I have a different speaker each afternoon teaching different subjects. The price for each workshop is only £40 10-4pm in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

The dates are :-

Thursday 29th Sept

Thurs 27th Oct

Thurs 24th No v

Weds 7th Dec

The September 29th workshop is about the knowledge soul power, exercises and meditation.

I have Jackie Cross who will be teaching about body emotion, muscle tapping and using magnetic cards to help us find the problems and emotions held within. Jackie will show us how to release what isn't serving us. I have to say this is amazing.

If you are interested in any of the above please let me know. I only have small groups.

£40 this include materials & refreshments and guest teacher

Please bring a packed lunch. Times 10-4pm 

28 July
Manifestation Workshop


To help you

move forward. 

With Sue Johnson-Hewitt & Ally Burton.

8th August & 13th August

This includes an abundance manifestation meditation,

Chakra clearing, empowerment manifestation tools,

releasing ceremony, an exercise on self love, EFT,

and aura smudging. 10-4pm

Only £40

During this workshop we will work towards healing held onto patterning which you unknowingly have locked away and therefore created blocks possibly stopping you from being able to achieve your best life. These blocks that we are unaware of may be influencing our decisions and choices in our lives.

Have you wondered why you don’t seem to draw the right partner?

Are you doing a job with no satisfaction and would like to work in a job that would be more fulfilling?

Do you feel you get put on by friends and family?

Do you think why do I never have enough money to buy the things I would really like?

This workshop aims to give you tools to help you manifest what you want and deserve. The day will help you to draw positivity, abundance and well being into your life. So this day will be working on a deeper level, helping you get in touch with yourself and   release anything that is not serving you at this time.

On this workshop we will be doing the following:-

An abundance meditation

Chakra clearing

Writing a release letter about a situation, person or significant event which you feel appropriate (does not have to be shared with    the group this is personal to you).

An individual burning ceremony of your release letter,

Doing an exercise on self love.

We will show you how to do EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help you in your daily life when needed.

To end the day a manifestation tool will be given for you to take away with you to start your journey of a more fulfilling lifestyle.

We look forward welcoming you to this empowering day.

Date 23rd March or 24th March 2022.   Time 10am till 4-4.30pm.  The price is £40 inclusive of all materials.                       

Please bring a packed lunch, refreshments will be provided.

Venue is in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

Beginners Workshop 
26th August 2022 10-4sh
With Sue Johnson-Hewitt & Ally Burton

This workshop will give you the opportunity to help you discover your abilities using basic tools to enable you to work with your intuition, develop your psychic abilities and to connect to spirit


Have you ever had premonitions, dreams, feelings or simply a knowing?

Do you ever sense something around you or see flashing lights?

Do you at times have that strong gut reaction to situations or people?

Do just have an unexplained interest and not sure where to start? If so this is the workshop for you.


This informative day will include:-

 Guided Meditation

 Learning sensory skills

 A taster into your Mediumship

 Everyone has this ability but simple guidance is all that is needed to achieve this.

 You will be  using different tools to help aid your psychic abilities throughout the day.

 A Fun exercise                                                                                


A relaxed and friendly environment awaits you with no pressure. Both Sue and Ally will be guiding and aiding you throughout the day.

We invite you to dip your toe into the water by using different methods to tap into your psychic abilities.


Theses tool are to help you to develop different aspects of psychic and mediumship areas and will be held in small groups of 8 to ensure you get one to one help.

A relaxed and friendly environment awaits you with no pressure or expectations as Sue & Ally will guide you on your day of discovery.

The cost of the workshop is £40 this will include all material & refreshments.

Please bring a packed lunch. Time 10.00 - 4.00 / 4.30pm.

Location is in Southbourne, Dorset, nearest train station is Pokesdown.

If you are interested in securing a place a £10 deposit is all that is required. Please contact Sue on 07766723151 or email at to book or if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon Sue & Ally xx

Online Circles and Guided Meditations

If you are looking to develop your mediumship/psychic abilities or just want to do some meditation, I am running circles and guided meditations online on a weekly basis. Just £15 a month for once a week or just £20 for 2-3 times a week.


Whether you are a beginner or further down the line in your development, all are welcome. My groups cover all levels and are very friendly and welcoming. If you would like to join us, please contact me at


 It would be great to meet you.

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